Corporate Benefits

TTC combines tutoring sessions with TaaSPro, our proprietary Tutoring-as-a-Service platform, to alleviate parental pressures during and post-pandemic.

How It Works

Tutoring-as-a-service drives employee acquisition, retention & productivity.

Matching Students

Our tutor-matching service takes into account the unique requirements of each student and matches them to the right tutor. Developed over 15 years by Laurie Marvald, our unique approach finds tutors, mentors and coaches that can connect with the student's needs.

Follow Up

Tutoring should never stop at the end of a lesson. TTC methodology ensures that tutors stay in touch with students in the time between lessons, guiding them as they turn practice into execution.


Our proprietary Tutoring-as-a-Service platform (TaaS) provides access to test-prep guidance, enrichment, remedial, college and graduate school application & coaching, and executive function and teaching, across all subjects and grades. TaaS delivers a wealth of resources that drive benefits well beyond just tutoring.


Secret Sauce

We find the right tutor for each student, using over 30 years' experience to find the right match.

Students, especially children, react best to tutors that can empathize and teach subjects in a way they can relate to.

Dad and son on shoulders.


Engaged Students Distract Parents Less
Lockdown, isolation, work-from-home - whatever the definition, parents are struggling to cope. Their children are in and out of school with no regularity and they need help to manage their school work. Parents are simply not equipped to add teaching to full time parenting & working.

Better Grades -> Happier Families
It's not just the disruption at home - parents are watching as their kids' grades plummet. Even for young scholars, that can mean long-term problems. Engaged, focused children with private tutoring produce better grades and parents can sleep better at night.

Happier Homes -> Focused Employees
Productivity and focus are directly correlated to employees that worry less about their families. Tutored children provide the peace-of-mind that essential during the pandemic, and will help them moving forward into the new normal.

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